Finding that perfect moment.. Again at Sunset..


While the last of day’s light pours itself on earth touching the ocean with its magical warmth, night waits with baited breath lingering above in the blue of the sky…Image

I couldn’t think of any words befitting this photo.. Some photos can make one so poetic..haha.. Specially when at that perfect moment.. Speaking of “perfect moments”– how do you find that perfect moment by the way?..Is it the sunset.. the colors.. or the perfect composition of nature that makes a perfect moment?.. Well I think, one thing I always do when I go out with a camera is to capture something I can remember… Something memorable.. ( And I salute every Photographers! I learned that taking pictures specially at moments like this one was not easy. I even did crazy stunts just to have that artistic photography– I think 😉 ). Image

But I’m not really sure I got the perfect shot, but I had fun in the process and I believe that applying the things I’ve learned, including moving around like crazy and shooting after the sun is gone, led to a memorable shot… Anyways, my goal was not a perfect shot…but a shot I could remember.



Remember my first post, me in it– that mermaid girl drama pose? The person responsible for that is my dearest cousin Rho, who at that time was also practicing her craft in photography.. Well I Couldn’t just take pictures there without including her in it. BTW the girl with the scarf headdress is her..  😉 Image

This photos were taken last year at our family resort “Alkumaim Beach Resort” in Malapatan, Sarangani Province. 


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